Absolute (R) Software Lojack For Laptops Premium 3 Year For PC, Traditional Disc


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Product Description

Recover your stolen laptop Get your stolen laptop back using this theft recovery service. Only LoJack for Laptops has a dedicated Theft Recovery Team that works with local law enforcement to recover your stolen laptop and return it to you. Persistent technology allows for recovery of even wiped or removed hard drives. Absolute Software Lojack for laptops partners with most computer manufacturers to embed the software directly on your computer. Even laptops with wiped or removed hard drives can be recovered. Prevent use of your missing laptop . Use Device Lock to block your computer remotely, denying potential identity thieves access to your computer and personal data. You can also choose to display a customized lock-out message onscreen. Protect your privacy remotely with Data Delete. The Data Delete feature helps you prevent costly and traumatic identity theft. Remotely and selectively erase sensitive files, personal photos, financial data, and stored passwords. Premium Protection is guaranteed. Choose the Premium edition and get the Service Guarantee. If your stolen computer isn’t recovered or if the Data Delete service isn’t enabled, you could be eligible for a Service Guarantee payment of up to $1000. Conditions apply. Absolute (R) Software Lojack For Laptops Premium 3 Year For PC, Traditional Disc is one of many Utilities Software available through Office Depot. Made by Absolute Software.

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